• "NO FIRE" or Why Cessationists are Wrong

    Today, November 18th 2015, we at the The Kingdom Paradigm released our first publication.  It is a response to cessationist John MacArthur's 2013 "Strange Fire" conference.  A lot of time and prayer went into the completion of this first work.  We were blessed to have had Pastor James Bugg, friend and mentor, write the foreward.  A 60 year veteran in God's army, Pastor Bugg has been ministering the truth of Jesus Christ and His baptism in the Holy Spirit and power longer than many have been alive.  If you need to be equiped to answer challenges to the validity of the Holy Spirit's gifts, or if you know someone else who needs it, or if you just want to hear the other side of the story, this book is for you.  Jesus Christ died to set us free from sin and Satan, and promised His Holy Spirit to be our guide, and empower God's people to proclaim the gospel.  Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by teachers of cessationism because they seem to have a reputable ministry.  God's word is truth, so get the book and be able to defend the truth.

    Please click on the link and order your copy today.  Purchase "NO FIRE" or Why Cessationists are Wrong from Amazon.com.